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The Cost of Education

Whether you go to a public school or a private one, the cost to keep you there will still be high.

In public colleges, the government bears the cost, but that does not mean that the whole service becomes cheaper. Governments spend more on education per student than all the other services they offer to their people. With those statistics, it is reasonable to wonder whether the value of education is proportional to the price. In most cases, you will find that learning is overpriced, and the value does not match the cost.

Why is Education Overpriced?

  • Infrastructure

If education were only about getting a good teacher, the cost would be much lower than it is write my book report now. Unfortunately, students need colleges that have been build in ways that make them want to be there. They also need dining halls, libraries, and other structures like hostels and canteens. Maintaining all the rooms running adds cost to the fees of every student who enrolls at a school.

  • Politics

In public schools, the funding from the government is sometimes dependent on which states have better representation in the parliament. When cutbacks happen, the deficit falls on students. They have to dig deeper into their pockets to get the kind of education they should be getting.

  • Workforce

Most schools nowadays hire more non-teaching stuff than the teaching force. Other college staff who are not necessarily involved in the provision of a student’s education take up most of your money. Schools end up hiring lawyers, admission officers, drivers, cooks, and financial aid officers to help attract students and not necessarily educate them. Without all these salaries, education costs would be much more reasonable.

  • Competition

Every school wants to have a spot in the top rankings of schools. To achieve that, they spend so much money on activities that will put them there like research without realizing that it is hurting the students’ pockets. Schools will go out of their way to have the highest number of enrollment because such things rank them high in the charts.

Repercussions of Overpriced Education

When education becomes too expensive, students from humble backgrounds may not get a chance to go to school. It becomes a privilege that only the rich can afford. When governments play politics with education funding, the needy students end up with no education at all.

The other downside of expensive education is that students have the burden of student loan debt for the rest of their lives. The state also suffers when students are unable to pay their student loans. They wouldn’t need all the loans if education were affordable.

Education has become more of a business than a service to the people. Most schools, both public and private, are invested in substituting local students paramountessays with international students who pay three times more than the local ones. As much as diversity sounds good, local students will end up with no education or with very high tuition bills as they try to compete with international students.

Post Author: Rosco Hinton