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The essence of the reasoned essay. The purpose of the reasoned essay is to convince you of the correctness of your position.

The reasoned essay cannot be written about a position that one does not dispute – why persuade someone to whom everyone is agree? The reasoned essay cannot be written about faith (cannot be substantiated by facts), tastes, or indisputable fact. The reasoned essay is written to convince the author of the correctness or to call for a certain action.

Opposition. To argue contradictory views, the essayist must know the counter-arguments for the idea he has expressed.

The essay writer should ask himself, “What are the counter-arguments for my opponent?”

significant in the development of his own arguments – the essay authors often refute the possible counter-arguments for the idea in essays.

This action shows that the setting is evaluated from different points of view.

1. Analyze the statement or question.

The most common mistake in writing essays is general argumentation about the subject and inaccurate answer to the question.

An essay statement or question is designed to limit the topic by narrowing it down and also by specifying it a way to analyze information. To successfully argue, it is necessary to carefully analyze the statement or to question exactly what is required. Most statements and questions consist of several parts.


It is justifiable to increase the use of renewable energy sources in your opinion in Latvia

sustainable and independent state development.

Subject: Renewable (alternative) energy

Focus (narrower subject): Latvia; increasing the use of alternative energy sources.

How to analyze the information: justify (the statement might be – evaluate; compare; comment; descriptions;

illustrates; prove it; etc.)

* If the essence of the essay contains concepts, it is necessary to understand them. (eg What is a renewable energy source?

Why should their use be increased at all? What is the current energy situation in Latvia? What it means sustainable country development? How does country independence relate to energy? etc.)

Find important

information on the subject.

• Focus only on the topic or information that is relevant.

• Do not deviate from a specific topic, do not move on to another, inappropriate topic.

• Record all the books and articles you use in your essay to refer to and quote.

Write down ideas as you do better to prove (deny) the statement or answer the question.

• Read the statement and question again and write down all the ideas that come to mind – just key words and phrases in any order. (Brainstorm)

• Occasionally review your records or forget something.

4. Select ideas and organize

its essay plan.

1. Review your ideas that you have written down.

2. Decide who will be the main points or arguments you will put forward in your essay.

3. Decide which of these points are not the main points or arguments but complements or supports one of them

key points.

4. Think of examples, facts or illustrations that will support your arguments.

5. Decide how you will organize these arguments in the essay structure.

Methods of constructing essay

• Chronological – from the earliest event to the youngest.

• Thematic – looking at different aspects of the topic in turn. (eg wind energy, water energy,


• By type – eg. three-wing wind turbines, five-wing wind turbines.

• Following discussion points – first arguments, then negative arguments

5. Write an essay first

draft. It is always worth writing the first draft of the essay. This can be done quickly because there is no need to worry about correctness or order, and it allows you to incorporate new ideas and unexpected changes.

Frequently look back at the essay’s statement or question to keep from the subject. Focus on the structure of the essay by dividing it into paragraphs in a logical sequence with only one key point in each paragraph. Review the draft after one or a few days, so it’s usually easier to spot errors.

6. Write the final draft of the essay.


 The introduction is very important as it gives the first impression and influences the judgment on the whole work. If necessary,

rewrite the introduction several times to ensure that the essence of the essay and the arguments put forward are accurate

corresponds to what appears in the discussion of the work. The arguments should be named in the order in which they will be revealed in the future

paragraphs. The arguments should be named in such a way that the most important arguments are the last to be revealed

part of the discussion. Usually the introduction and 3 essays are presented in the introduction.

The introductory part is started with an eye-catching first sentence, and this sentence must be related to

the issue in the essay. Often the first sentence uses short quotations, rhetorical questions or striking



One argument should be analyzed in each paragraph.

Arguments must be proved by examples, facts, judgments. Judgments should use content-based content

terminology. The last sentence of the paragraph should contain the conclusion from that argument.


The final part is a brief summary, in which it is most important to reiterate your arguments, but without automatically copying them from parts of the introduction or discussion. In conclusion, it will be a confirmation of the facts and grounds already mentioned. If the subject of the essay requires an opinion, the author’s opinion on the subject should be clearly stated at the end. If the subject asks for a conclusion, the conclusion should be concluded.

7. Fill in used


check references.

The reasoned essay in secondary school does not require such detailed references to the literature used as scientific

research or universities.

If the work is not plagiarism, it is necessary to indicate the book, article and author if such information is available

used in the essay.


U.S. Georgia Technical University researchers have invented a way to teach robots to deceive, writes

Information Technology Portal “TheRegister”.

Usually, the reasoned essay does not contain tables and pictures, but if they are needed, they have

necessary references.


 In order to carry out the survey, questionnaires were distributed to reviewers

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